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FTAK / KOCTC Winter 2012 Invitational Team Tennis Tournament Opening and Elimination Round


October 19, 2012 (Friday): After the hot summer days, FTAK/KOCTC tennisters were back to the tennis courts for the "Play for a Cause" Winter 2012 Team Tennis Tournament.  Five participating teams are competing on this tournament; namely, KOC Falcons Team, AMEC Team, Suzuki Tigers Team, DMDA Team and the Spring 2012 champion Top Spinners team.   


A short opening ceremony was conducted to formally open the tournament. Tony Dezeda, the current president delivered his welcome speech. Mr. Jack Tanandato from the Philippine Embassy represented HE Ambassador Shulan Primavera, delivered the Ambassador’s written speech. After some team and group pictorials together with Mr. Tanandato, the start of the tournament was officially declared. Drawing of lots for the competition’s 1st match was done.


At court #1 & #2, Suzuki Tigers team were up against AMEC team. The competition among the two teams was just even, taking turns in winning a match. 

For the C-C(1) category, Suzuki’ Rodel and Normal edged AMEC’s pair of Hezer and Raymond in a closely fought tie-breaker. Dodong and Mike of AMEC duplicated the preceding match by snatching the win from Suzuki’s Normal and Duncan also via a tie-breaker of their B-C match. Suzuki’s A-A (1) pair of Raed and Rey showed muscles overpowering AMEC’s tandem of Roland and Ronnie, winning the match with an 8 points against 3 points. In another closely fought A-B(1) match, AMEC’s Roland and George snatched the win from the game leader Suzuki’s pair of Raed and Tony, with the match scores of 8 points against 6 points. In the C-C(2) match, AMEC’s Rene and Ariel showed in well practiced pairing defeating Suzuki’s Rodel and Duncan with 8 to 5 points scoring. Romar and Cris, Suzuki’s power B-B players, dominated the B-B(1) game by giving AMEC’s Rajiv and Dodong 2 points against their winning 8 points. Suzuki’s ladies players Marj and Aseel excelled against AMEC’s pair of Bebot and Becky ending the game with 8 points against 3 points scoring in their L-L(1) match. In their B-B(2) match, AMEC’s pair of Rajiv and August played efficiently against Suzuki’s Tony and Romar with 8 points and 3 points respectively. AMEC’s Ronnie and George has the control of their A-B(1) match against Suzuki’s pair of Alem and Cris. The ladies L-L(2) match set was awarded to AMEC because Suzuki’s ladies category player did not show up.

AMEC team has a total of 6 sets win making them the winner against the 4 sets win of Suzuki team. Their non-bearing 11th match will be played during the weekdays.


At court #3 & #4, the Spring 2012 champion, TOP SPINNERS had to slug it out with the DMDA Architects team.  

DMDA team drew the first blood. Their A-A(1) pair of Ritchel and Jen outlasted Spinners’ pair of Jonil and Rox, concluding their match via 8 points to 5 points win. Spinners’ B-C pair of BW Chun and Jun avenged the team’s 1st loss by outscoring DMDA’s duo of Doods and Joseph with an 8 to 3 points score. The C-C(1) match was up with Spinners’ pair Danny and Charlz against DMDA’s Rene and Daniel. Spinners’ took the match with 8 points against 4 points. Spinners’ A-B(1) player Sammy and BW Chun outplayed DMDA’s tandem of Ritchel and Mar, giving them 3 points against Spinners’ 8 points. In the C-C(2) match, Spinners’ pair of Danny and Jun barely edged DMDA’s Rene and Joseph in the tie-breaker match. The B-B(2) category match was taken by DMDA’s Mar and Pipo by playing consistent than Spinners pair of Regie and Julius in an 8 to 6 points game score. Spinners’ ladies L-L(1) players Ghie and Mylene were too strong for DMDA’s pair of Paula and Katrina by not giving a single point to the latter pair. DMDA’s B-B(2) pair of Doods and Franklin snatched the match win against Spinners’ Sony and Regie that were leading upto the 3rd quarter of the match. Another set win was posted by DMDA team thru their A-B(2) players Bernie and Pipo that outplayed Spinners’ Rox and Sony with and 8 to 5 point scoring. The 10th match was taken by Spinners when Jonil and Sammy showed more brilliant shots against DMDA’s pair of Bernie and Jen. 

Top Spinners team was the winner as they had 6 sets win against 4 sets win of DMDA team. The non-bearing L-L(2) match will be scheduled to be played.


Acknowledgments to McDonalds Fahaheel Branch for the court decorations and for the offered refreshments.