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Davis Cup Tour

The Filipino Tennis Association-Kuwait is pleased to announce an improvised Davis Cup Tennis Tournament for Beginners. This tournament is designed to allow new comers and tennis neophyte an opportunity to play and to bring them into the folds of the our association.

Those interested players/teams are kindly requested to submit your official entry on or before January 7, 2011 to the Treasurer (Bebot Dacer & Gina Marasigan) for proper accounting, scheduling and seeding matches.

Below are the sample guidelines to wit:

1.      Team Entries for Men’s category composed of 4 Players only.

2.      Team Entries for Ladies category composed of 4 Players only.

3.      Each team will nominate their Team Captain as the contact person.

4.      Registration fee of KD 8 with Free T-Shirts and that No entry maybe be accepted without appropriate entry fee. Submit your payments to the treasurer upon the submission of the entry form. 

5.      All games will be played in doubles.

6.      Complete mechanics for this event will be distributed upon the final review of the technical committee.

7.      The technical committee has the sole discretion to disqualify entries violating players’ qualifications/classifications as beginners.


So, tennis enthusiast, let play…have fun … and enjoy life. 

FTAK 2011



Re: Davis Cup Tour



This is Jimmy!!! Great job man... I want to play can I be on someones team, preferably against yours:)

Re: Davis Cup Tour

Ed, Thanks for the prompt updates and postings for FTAK.