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KWTSTEEL , DMDA Tigers & Top Spinners Teams lead the KOCTC/FTAK Invitational KWTSTEEL Summer Team Tennis Cup 2011

Participating teams in the on-going KOCTC / FTAK Invitational Tennis Tournament KWTSTEEL Summer Team Tennis Cup 2011 slugged it out against each other’s teams and the rising Kuwait summer temperature.


The 3rd team encounter has the Diplomatic Steelers, Top Spinners and DMDA Tigers teams prevailed against their opponents.


At Court #1, Diplomatic Steelers lead by Randy Manalang had an upper hand with the KOC team lead by Winston Laboriante. The B/B match, C/C(1), B-C and Ladies-1 match up were dominated by the Diplomatic Steelers, winning with a wider gap in scores. The Diplomatic Steelers pairs were just winnable at these encounters. The matches for A/B(1), C/C(2), A/B(2), A/A and Ladies-2 were closely contested. KOC team took the A/B(1) and A/A matches but the Diplomatic Steelers grabbed the C/C(2), A/B(2) and Ladies-2 matches. Diplomatic Steelers got 7 sets win vs KOC’s 2 sets.


At Court # 3, BERX team lead by Noel Candolesas met the Top Spinners team of Sammy Miclat. It was a seesaw of winning on the first half of matches. Top Spinners took the B/B and B/C(1) games while BERX got the C/C(1) and the tie-breaker match of A-B(1). However, Top Spinners pulled ahead to get the 5 sets wins to ensure a team win against the BERX.


Tough and heavily contested matches were seen at court # 4 when tournament leaders KWTSTEEL team lead by Chief Arced clashed with the DMDA Tigers team lead by Tony D. KWTSTEEL got the edge due to the 2 matches win on the A/B(1) and A/A category match that was played in advance. However, during the normal schedule of matches, DMDA Tigers a pulled a lead by winning 3 match wins in a row, 2 of them in a breath gasping tie-breaker game. KWTSTEEL stand back by taking the C/C(2) match. But then, the day was for the DMDA Tigers as they took the rest of the matches and got 6 sets wins against 3 sets of KWTSTEEL.


The 4th team encounters was dominated by brothers team of KWTSTEEL and Diplomatic Steelers.


At court # 1, KWTSTEEL lead by William N, after their B/B match loss to BERX lead by Rene D, stepped on and rolled up to a 6 in a row match wins. Matches for categories C/C(1), B/C(1), A/B(1), C/C(2), Ladies-1 & A/A were marginally taken by them. KWTSTEEL rose from their previous encounter loss and took a commanding led by winning the first 6 sets of matches to be the team winner against the BERX.


At court # 3, KOC team and Top Spinners had some thrilling games as both teams just needed to win.  It was also a seesaw of set winners. Top Spinners got the opener B/B match and KOC took the next C/C(1) match. Top Spinners then pulled a 2 in a row sets win, the B/C(1) & A/B(1) matches but KOC replied win also a 2 in a row sets win by taking the C/C(2) & A/B(2) categories games. However, Top Spinners pulled ahead by taking the next 3 matches of Ladies-1, A/A & CC option. Top Spinners was the team winner by scoring 6 sets wins against KOC’s 3 sets.


The Diplomatic Steelers team was seen at court # 4 as if getting back against the DMDA Tigers, avenging the brother KWTSTEEL defeat. Diplomatic Steelers got the 1st match, B/B but the stronger C/C(1) pair of DMDA Tigers managed to subdue Diplomatic Steelers pair. But the rampaging Diplomatic Steelers just show force and determination and managed to get the next 6 succeeding matches. B/C, A/B(1) & CC option matches were close but the C/C(2), A/B(2) & Ladies-1 matches were very much the thrillers as both teams played it out toe to toe in the all tie-breaker matches. At the end, the pairs of Diplomatic Steelers took the glory. In summary, the Diplomatic Steelers got the upper hand team winning by having 7 sets wins against the DMDA Tigers.

KOCTC / FTAK Invitational Tennis Tournament KWTSTEEL Summer Team Tennis Cup 2011


It is summer and temperature is rising but KOCTC/FTAK tennis enthusiasts are ready to sweat it out, burning extra fats and enjoying each other’s company or the spirit of camaraderie in this season’s KOCTC / FTAK Invitational Tennis Tournament. 


This season’s tournament is dubbed as the KWTSTEEL Summer Team Tennis Cup 2011 as the management of United Steel Industrial Co., Kuwait (KWTSTEEL) had extended their company’s goodwill into our sports, tennis. This is also in line with their manpower development and team building program as many of our regular tennisters worked at KWTSTEEL. This was made possible through the assistance of their Plant Manager Mr. Mohammed Dehbokri as worked out by the combined efforts of their Admin Officer Glenn Perea, Engr. Arced “Chief” Condes & Dodong “Captain” Congayo.


A short program was held to honor guests from KWTSTEEL as they handover their sponsorship fund. Six teams are going to compete for the championship, namely, KOC lead by Winston & Marlon, KWTSTEEL lead by William & Chief Arced, Diplomatic Steelers lead by Randy & Dodong C, DMDA Tigers lead by Tony & Franklin, BERX lead by Noel C & Rene D and Top Spinners lead by Sammy & Jonil.


The first day was a head to head and tight contest between Diplomatic Steelers and Top Spinners. However, Top Spinners edged Diplomatic Steelers by taking 5 sets win over the 4 sets win of the later.


In the other court, KWTSTEEL emerged as winners against the tough KOC team, winning 6 sets against 3 sets of KOC. Also a close contest in the entire 9 category matches.


DMDA Tigers dominated and had almost swept all the 9 matches against BERX team. But though the score was 8 sets to 1 set, the BERX had also did gave the Tigers a hard time in getting points.


On the second encounter, only KOC team and BERX had completed their scheduled matches. KOC team won by taking 6 sets against the 3 sets of BERX, though it was not an easy cruising of the KOC team as the BERX did make a good fight.


 Brother teams of KWTSTEEL and Diplomatic Steelers square it out at court with a close contest in each category. They had yet to complete the remaining game but KWTSTEEL team had already an edge in getting the team win.


The same also with the DMDA Tigers and Top Spinners, they have yet to complete their matches. However, the Tigers lead against the Top Spinners and eventually the team winner.


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