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Nomination for FTAK2012 Officers

Dear FTAK Family
As per the meeting held on August 18, 2011, the 3 previous FTAK Presidents, Mr. William Naoe, Mr. Tony Dezeda & Mr.Warly Faner, have given the authority to the FTAK2011 to spearhead the FTAK2012 Officers election.
The first step that of the process is to request all of you to nominate your choice for the following offices, as per the existing Constitution & By-Laws:
President, who shall act as the Chairperson
Vice President, Who shall act as deputy to the Chairperson
Two (2) Finance Officers (or Treasurers)
Two (2) Publicity Officers (or P.R.O.)
Tournament Directors, responsible for directing tennis tournament/s
Two (2) Secretaries. Both are appointed by the president of the association; one will serve as secretary of the executive board, the other secretary of the board of tournament directors.

Please send your nomination to this email for each office. Nomination to close on September 30, 2011.

The Secretary
FTAK 2011

KWTSTEEL Team bags the KOCTC/FTAK Invitational KWTSTEEL Summer Team Tennis Cup 2011 Championship

Friday, June 3, 2011. It was a windy and dusty day but then it did not stop the members of the competing teams for the KOCTC/FTAK Invitational KWTSTEEL Summer Team Tennis Cup 2011 to be at the court for the Finals Showdown.


At court # 1 & #2, KWTSTEEL team and DMDA Tigers team, with their complete line-up and backed with their supporters, slugged it out who will be this season’s champion. The Tigers had a slight edge as they had won the advance game in the B-B category. However, KWTSTEEL team was unstoppable in their succeeding 4 matches, C-C(1), B-C(1), A-B(1) and C-C(2) winning by subduing the fighting spirit of the Tigers. Wrapping up the must win 5 games to be declared as champions, the A-A match between KWTSTEEL’s Ashraf & William against Tiger’s Raed & Ritchel was a breath holding one. Each team’s tandem seemed not willing to give a chance to each other in getting a point. Eventually, the KWTSTEEL edged the Tigers in the tie-breaker battle. Having 5 sets win, KWTSTEEL team was declared as the Champion and the TIGERS as the Finalist.


At court #3 & #4, Diplomatic Steelers team and Top Spinners team has to vie for the bronze. The Diplomatic Steelers had 2 matches win in a row through the B-B & C-C(1) category. The Top Spinners bounced back by taking the A-B(1) match. But the Diplomatic Steelers had continued to take the lead by winning the C-C(2) and the closely contested match of A-B(2). Top Spinners fought back with their fired-up A-A players taking the win. With 1 match win needed, the Diplomatic Steelers got the Third Place after winning the Ladies-1 match.


All players cooled down as they seated inside the court for the Awarding Ceremony. The short program was hosted by Miss Sharmae Miclat as assisted by Pres Rowx. Some prepared gifts items were raffled to the enjoyment of those who were present and smiles and laughter for those who were lucky to bring home some of the gift items. Medals were given to the Diplomatic Steelers as 3rd Place, trophies were given to the Finalists the DMDA Tigers and the Champions trophies to the KWTSTEEL team.


Tournament Director Tony Dezeda thanked all that participated in the tournament. Similarly, Pres Rowx Bugas thanked the Major Sponsor KWTSTEEL for sharing and for their support to sports activities, the KOCTC and other entities who had contributed to the success of the tournament. Rowx also gave thanks to all FTAK2011 Officers, to the Tournament/Technical Committee, to Dewan Kabir & Ferdie Marasigan for their quick response to requests, to the HADI Hospital Staff Nurses & Friends who assisted in the final preparation of trophies & medals, to Gina, Bebot & Jonil for the food arrangement and to everybody who tirelessly watch the elimination round up to the finals that has made the tournament lively. This season’s tournament also thanked the Staff & friends of Arab Times Kuwait for appropriating this event, a space in their popular newspaper.


Participating Teams & Players Line-up:


KWTSTEEL Team: The Champions:

Ashraf Al-Rashdi, William Naoe, Dodong Bag-ao, Rowx Bugas, Oloy Payales, Andres Uribe Arced Condes, Junjie Geografo, Bryan Basinang, Jong Rimando, Joshua Monungolh, Aseel Al Kandari, Cynthia Rose Montalvo, Marie Grace Calungsod

DMDA Tigers Team: The Finalists:

Ritchel Cadavos, Raed A-Salem, Tony Dezeda, Franklin Mariano, Adonis Bersales, Sonny Robles, Romar Macagaling, Danny Bumanlag, Noel Saradillo, Meshari Al-Shamou, Boyong Mangunay, Becky Kabir, Linda Moreno, Jo Moreno

Diplomatic Steelers Team: 3rd Place:

Randy Manalang, Hassan Ali Dalaa, Andrew Schofield, Rodel Sembrano, Roy Laguda, Ato Mondejar, Yoyong Cawaling, Nathaniel Delmo, August Santos, Lope Gallana, Jojit Manzano,  Jay Sebandal, Kathy Alvarez, Leah Creiglow, Siana Hockey

Top Spinners Team:

Jonil Dacer, Jimmy Nguyen, Sammy Miclat, Eymard Mallilin, Oliver Abary, Julius Magusara, Moh'd Asad, Abser Moh'd, Cris Belanyo, Jun Clamor, Ghie de Ferio, Bebot Dacer

KOC Team:

Warly Faner, Ephraim Garcia, Marlon Miguel, Ferdie Marasigan, Dante Cosio, Ferdie Cabrido, Hassan Al-Yousefi, Winston Laboriante, Joey Bartolome, Mohammed Al-Mutaire, Joel Jimenez Sr, Atulkumar Dabhi, Cristy Miguel, Gina Marasigan, Vilma Laboriante


BERX Team:

Bernie de la Cruz, Russel Centino, Rene Datuin, Dewan Kabir, Rajiv Rajhkowa, Noel Candolesas, Ariel Casas, Raymond Abayon, Rene Opalla, Nonie Salazar, Mylene Moreno, Tasneem Kabir


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