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D’ Barkadz Team Still Unbeaten / KOC Team Edges BERX Team

Friday, September 23, 2011. D’ Barkadz team continued their dominance by defeating Top Spinners team while KOC team had a come from behind win from BERX team in an action packed Day 2 of KOCTC/FTAK Winter 2011 Invitational Team Tennis Tournament


Court 1 & 2: Top Spinners vs D’ Barkadz:

D’ Barkadz had an early lead when they took 3 straight match winners. Their B-B(1) pair of Andres Gonzales and Albert Razo subdued Spinners August Lomboy & Julius Magusara in an 8 to 6 points match. D’ Barkadz Arced Condes & Bryan Basinang dominated the C-C(1) game giving Noel Saradillo & Byong Woo Chun two points only. Third D’ Barkadz win was through B-C(1) pair of Arced Condes & Agosto Santos against Spinners Hyoung Sun Baek & Moh’d Asad that only managed to get 1 point. Top Spinners duo of Jonil Dacer & Sammy Miclat and D’ Barkadz William Naoe & Rowx Bugas gave the crowd an exciting match have the Spinners edge D’ Barkadz in the tightly contested category A-B(1) tie-breaker match. The A-A match was also a thrilling game where D’ Barkadz Hassan Mohammad & William Naoe overcame the resistance of Jonil Dacer & Julius Magusara in the tie-breaker match.

Two succeeding matches were not as intense as D’ Barkadz managed to win the games with a bigger advantage. D’ Barkadz Yoyong Cawaling & Dodong Bag-ao dominated the entire match giving only a point to August Lomboy & Frank in the B-B(2) match. Their C-C(2) pair of Agosto Santos & Bryan Basinang had Jun Clamor & Frank 3 points only against D’ Barkadz 8 points. Ladies (1) match was supposed to be a close one between Spinners Mylene Moreno & Ghie de Ferio against D’ Barkadz Kathy Alvarez & Cynthia Montalvo. But the Spinners took the win when Kathy retired due to leg cramps. The Ladies 2 match was a challenge to both pairs as D’ Barkadz Cynthia Montalvo & Aseel Al-Kandari posted a lead but Spinners Ghie de Ferio & Bebot Dacer displayed determination, snatched the win in a tie-breaker. The B-C(2) match between D’ Barkadz tireless Dodong Bag-ao & Jong Rimando held the pair of Jun Clamor & Moh’d Asad in a 8 points to 5 points game in favor of D’ Barkadz. The last game, A-B(2) category that featured Hassan Mohammad & Rowx Bugas of D’ Barkadz and Spinners Sammy Miclat & Hyoung Sun Baek was a long one. Rowx had to serve 16 deuces before they were able to win with final score of 8 points to 6 points.

D’ BARKADZ won the match with 8 sets wins against 3 sets win of the Top Spinners.


Court 3 & 4: KOC Team vs BERX Team:

It was initially a one game each exchange between KOC team & BERX team. BERX B-B(1) pair of Rajiv Rajhkowa & Pipo Dayao edged KOC Dante Cosio & Ferdie Cabrido in a close encounter that ended in an 8 points of BERX against 6 points of KOC. Joel Jimenez Sr & Winston Laboriante of KOC team retaliated and took the win of the C-C(1) match with final score of 8 points to 5 points.

BERX team zoomed past KOC when they took 3 match wins successively. BERX B-C(1) players Rajiv Rajhkowa and Mike Belayo pinned Dante Cosio & Edwin Basuel getting only 1 point in the match. Russel Centino & Rene Datuin BERX A-B(1) pair overpowered KOC’s Warly Faner & Marlon Miguel in an 8 points to 5 points win. BERX A-A players Bernie dela Cruz & Russel Centino did not allow the pair of Ephraim Garcia & Warly Faner to pass through the 4 points marker making the BERX lead KOC by 3 sets wins.

KOC team regained their composure and showed determination, snatched from BERX team four sets win in a row. KOC B-B(2) players Ravikumar & Ferdie Cabrido edged BERX Pipo Dayao & Avijit Sharma. Nawaf Al-Qattan & Mohammed Al-Mutaire of KOC team seconded the win by taking out BERX pair of Nonie Salazar & Carlo Diaz in the C-C(2) tie-breaker match. KOC Ladies 1 pair of Vilma Laboriante & Cristy Miguel showed their attack & defense combination against BERX pair of Leah Creiglow & Tess Adviento taking the win via 8 points to 4 points.

Another KOC smart A-B(2) pair of Ephraim Garcia & Marlon Miguel outdone the rushing BERX pair of Bernie dela Cruuz & Rene Datuin.

BERX Ladies 2 players Leah Creiglow & Katrina Bambalan made the encounter even by posting a win against KOC’s Gina Marasigan & Vilma Laboriante.

The tie breaker of the KOC vs BERX match was the very tight fight between KOCTC Chairman Fahad Al-Qattan pairing with son Abdulrahman Al-Qattan against BERX duo of Eric Gumabao & team captain Noel Candolesas. The KOC father & son tandem took the game in the tie-breaker giving KOC team a win of the day.

KOC Team has 6 sets win against 5 sets win of BERX team.


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