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Top Spinners Team bags Championship, D’ Barkadz as 1st Runner-up, Tigers Team settles for 3rd Place

Friday, October 21: It was a little windy afternoon when Top Spinners, D’ Barkadz, Tigers & KOC team had to show their best for the tournament’s finals.

Top Spinners team versus D’ Barkadz team for the Championship and Tigers team versus KOC team for the 3rd place. 


Court 1 & 2: Top Spinners Team vs D’ Barkadz Team:

The battle for the Championship for these 2 teams was so close and the completion was very tight.

The first match, category B-B(1) was taken by D’ Barkadz pair of Andres Gonzales & Albert Razo giving Spinners pair of Hyoung Sun Paek & Sung Ho Lee 4 points only. Spinners retaliated by winning the set for C-C(1) match, courtesy Jun Clamor & Moh’d Asad tandem beating D’ Barkadz pair of Arced Condes & Junjie Geografo. The B-C(1) match was taken decisively by D’ Barkadz pair of Andres Gonzales & Bryan Basinang winning the set with 8 points against 2 points of Spinners Hyoung Sun Paek & Byong Wo Chun. Spinners team leaders Jonil Dacer & Sammy Miclat snatch the A-B(1) match from the almost winner D’ Barkadz pair of Hassan Mohammad & William Naoe. It was a very difficult win for Jonil & Sammy as they were 5 points behind the almost winner Hassan & William but managed to pull a tie-breaker and eventually got the set win. Another classic match was witnessed by the spectators, the A-A category match. Long rallies and precision plays displayed by Top Spinners Jimmy Nguyen & Jonil Dacer and D’ Barkadz pair of Hassan Mohammad & Abdulrahman but it was Jimmy & Jonil that prevailed.

D’ Barkadz, thru Rowx Bugas & Dodong Bag-ao beat Spinners Augustus Lomboy & Julius Magusara for the B-B(2) match. For the Ladies-1 match, Spinners pair of Ghie de Ferio & Mylene Moreno was given a free ticket win when D’ Barkadz Cynthia Rose Montalvo’s supposed partner Kathy Alvares failed to play. Jimmy Nguyen & Sammy Miclat, Spinners A-B(2) players tamed D’ Barkadz pair of William Naoe & Rowx Bugas giving the Spinners 5 sets total sets win against 3 sets win of D’ Barkadz. Top Spinners then has only 1 set to win inorder to be declared as Champions but D’ Barkadz had also high hopes to recover.

The C-C(2) match of Spinners Noel Sarabillo & Frank Santiago against D’ Barkadz August Santos & Jong Rimando was the first decider for Spinners but D’ Barkadz took it away when August & Jong prevailed in the tie-breaker. Next match witnessed as a decider was the B-C(2) match between Spinners Sung Ho Lee & Byong Wo Chun against Yoyong Cawaling & Bryan Basinang. Yoyong & Bryan were just also took the set win in a tie-breaker, displaying their speed in controlling the game of Sung Ho & Byong Wo.

It was a 5 sets to 5 sets win for Spinners & D’ Barkadz with 1 match remaining, the Ladies-2 match. The heavy load was placed on the shoulders of Spinners Mylene Moreno & Bebot Dacer and D’ Barkadz Cynthia Rose Montalvo & Aseel Al-Kandari. It was a battle of nerves as all spectators witnessed this match. It was an exchange of points as the match progressed, nobody’s game but at the homestretch, Spinners Mylene & Bebot were more careful in their plays and eventually get the set win giving the Spinners the championship.

Final score, Top Spinners with 6 sets win and D’ Barkadz, 5 sets win.


Court 3 & 4: Top Spinners Team vs KOC Team:

The Tigers team arrived at the court with an advantage against the KOC team as they already had 4 sets win in their count as a result of their advance games held during the weekdays.

The C-C(1) match was taken by Tigers pair of Romar Macagaling & Danny Bumanlag by beating KOC partners Joey Bartolome & Joel Jimenez Sr. Another win by the Tigers in the B-C(1) match as partners Sonny Robles & Cris Belanyo prevailed against KOC pair of Ravikumar & Edwin Basuel. Tigers Ladies-1 players Renee Oosthuizen & Jo Moreno edge KOC pair of Cristy Miguel & Vilma Laboriante. Marj Obidos & Renee Oosthuizen added another win to the Tigers team by beating KOC pair of Cristy Miguel & Gina Marasigan in the Ladies-2 match.

During the main finals day, Tigers B-B(1) of Tony “tiger” Dezeda paired with Robert Malaca conquered KOC’s pair of Ferdie Marasigan & Winston Laboriante. Category A-B(1) partners of Tigers team Rey Malapitan & Jen Gaa succeeded in their efforts of beating KOC pair of Warly Faner & Marlon Miguel. Another set win was added to Tigers when A-A pair Rey Malapitan & Alem Zubir also overcame the challenge made by tough KOC tandem of Ephraim Garcia & Warly Faner.

KOC team bounced back by taking the next 2 matches. KOC B-B(2) pair of Dante Cosio & Ferdie Cabrido edge Tigers pair of Tony Dezeda & Franklin Mariano. Nawaf Al-Qattan & Mohammed Al-Mutaire of KOC team managed to win against Tigers pair of Danny Bumanlag & Hezer Marquez.

The A-B(2) pair of Ephraim Garcia & Marlon Miguel humbled Tigers team pair of Alem Zubir & Franklin Mariano. Another set win by the KOC team through the B-C(2) match of Fahad Al-Qattan pairing with Abdulrahman Al-Qattan controlling the game against Tigers Norman Lleno & Meshari Al-Shamou.

The Tigers team got the 3rd place beating the KOC team.


After the games, a short program was held. FTAK2011 President Windrow Bugas took his time by detailing what were accomplished during his term. He also gave his well-prepared & emotional message. The oath taking of FTAK2012 Officers lead by the incoming President Tony Dezeda was officiated by Atty. David Des Dicang, Labor Attaché of the POLO in the State of Kuwait. Tony Dezeda then gave his acceptance speech with assurance of continuing FTAK’s vision and mission. The crowd enjoyed the gift raffles draws that was done as everybody enjoyed the dinner prepared by FTAK2011 and food shared by all participating teams.

Top Spinners Team Seal Bid for Finals / Tigers Team triumph over KOC Team

Friday, October 14: Top Spinners Team gain the other slot for the championship by completely dominating all their matches against BERX team. They will be vying for the Championship against the earlier qualifier, D’ Barkadz Team. At the other courts, Tigers Team was triumphant by handling strongly the resistance by the KOC team. 


Court 1 & 2: KOC Team vs Tigers Team:

The Tigers roared loud by subduing KOC team in their five in row matches of the day.

Tony “the tiger” Dezeda paired with Robert Malaca of the Tigers team limited to half of their match score the pair of KOC team Dante Cosio & Ferdie Cabrido in their B-B(1) match. Then Danny Bumanlag & Romar Macagaling showed power tennis against KOC’s Joey Bartlome & Winston Laboriante listing a C-C(1) match score of 8 points to 3 points respectively. Another Tiger team win by B-C(1) players Sonny Robles & Meshari Al-Shamou by defeating the strong tandem of Dante Cosio & Edwin Basuel. Tigers A-B(1)  pair of Rey Malapitan & Jen Gaa controlled the whole match against KOC Warly Faner & Marlon Miguel scoring 8 points to 1 point of KOC. The A-A match was close but Tigers Rey Malapitan & Alem Zubir edge the tough KOC pair of Ephraim Garcia & Warly Faner by a 2 points advantage.

The KOC team tasted their first set win, compliment of their B-B-(2) pair of Ferdie Marasigan & Ferdie Cabrido who outscored to the homestretch the Tigers pair of Tony Dezeda & Franklin Mariano.

The Tigers cannot just be controlled by the KOC team as they took four in a row sets win. Tigers C-C(2) pair of Hezer Marquez & Norman Lleno defeated the KOC pair of Mohammed Al-Mutaire & Abdulrahman Al-Qattan with match score of 8 to 3 points. The Tigers ladies were just as tough as their men when they took the Ladies-1 & Ladies-2 matches. Tigers Ladies-1 pair of Jo Moreno & Renee Oosthuizen humbles the KOC pair of Vilma Laboriante & Cristy Miguel, winning with a wide margin of score. Tigers Ladies-2 players Renee Oosthuizen & Marj Obidos also has taken the set win against KOC pair of Vilma Laboriante & Gina Marasigan.

The last match, the A-B(2) was credited to KOC team through their winning pair of Ephraim Garcia & Marlon Miguel.

The final result, Tigers team win by having 9 sets win against 2 sets win of the KOC team.


Court 3 & 4: Top Spinners Team vs BERX Team:

At these courts, the Top Spinners show fire from the start and up to their last match against the BERX team sealing their bid for the slot in the finals.

Spinners B-B(1) pair Hyoung Sun Baek & Sung Ho Lee soared high against BERX pair of Avijit Sharma & Noel Candolesas. Byong Woo Chun & Jun Clamor, C-C(1) players of Spinners copied the earlier win by also giving BERX pair of Joseph Recreo & Carlo Diaz 3 points to the end of the game. Augustus Lomboy & Noel Sarabillo, Spinners B-C(2) pair, overcame the chase of BERX Eric Gumabao & Mike Belayo.

Spinners A-B(1) pair of Jonil Dacer & Sammy Miclat displayed might against BERX Rene Datuin & Rajiv Rajhkowa. Another strong winner of Spinners through A-A players Jimmy Nguyen & Jonil Dacer against BERX pair of Russel Centino & Rene Datuin ending the match with 8 points to 1 points score. B-B(2) pair of Hyoung Sun Paek & Byong Woo Chun gave only 4 points to BERX pair of Rajiv Rajhkowa & Avijit Sharma. Frank Santiago & Moh’d Asad, Spinners C-C(2) pair outscored BERX partners Noel Candolesas & Joseph Recreo. Spinners fielded Jimmy Nguyen & Julius Magusara for the A-B(2) match against BERX Russel Centino & Eric Gumabao. Spinners took the set win. B-C(2) match was taken also by Spinners Sung Ho Lee & Noel Sarabillo against BERX Mike Belayo & Nonie Salazar.

The Spinners ladies had also did their part. Ladies-1 players Bebot Dacer & Ghie de Ferio did not allow BERX pair of Tess Adviento & Katrina Bambalan to score in the match. Ladies-2 pair of Spinners Mylene Moreno & Bebot Dacer had long rallies against BERX Leah Creiglow & Tess Adviento but Mylene & Bebot prevails, winning the set.

Top Spinners had a swept of 11 sets win.

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