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KOCTC/FTAK 20th Spring Invitational Team Tennis Tournament Second Day Event - KOC & Top Spinners Team Unbeaten


Friday, January 27, 2012: After six working days, all KOCTC/FTAK 20th Spring Invitational Team Tennis Tournament teams members returned to the tennis court to sweat it out for the elimination round qualifiers.


At court # 1, KOC team met the Suzuki Marine team. At the early matches, the Suzuki’s roared past the KOC’s by taking the C/C-1, B/B-1 and B/C-1 category matches. The matches were tightly fought as the scores were close especially the B/B-1 category which was taken by the Suzuki’s in the tie-breaker. The KOC team retaliated by winning the AL/BH-1 category match with a wider margin. It was a seesaw of match wins then. Suzuki took the next match, the A/AL-1 category. KOC had in their win list the AL/BH-2 category. In the tie-breaker B/C-2 match, Suzuki team snatched the win. From then, KOC team took 5 remaining matches. KOC had the A/AL-2 in the closely contested match. Next was the B/B-1 in which KOC’s pair had dominated the match. The ladies L/L-1 was a close match but the KOC ladies had successfully taken the game. The C/C-2 match was taken by them by limiting the Suzuki’s pair in getting points. The last match, the ladies L/L-2 was also dominantly played by the KOC pair. Their final score, KOC team got 7 sets win while the Suzuki Marine team had 5 sets.


At court # 2, defending champion Top Spinners team played against the 3 time champ KWTSTEEL/Diplomat team. The 1st match, C/C-1 category was lightly taken by the Top Spinners duo. The next match, B/B-1 category was an upset for the Diplomats when the Top Spinners snatched the victory from them in a tightly fought tie-breaker. Another tie-breaker match in the B/C-1 category was tactically taken away by the Top Spinners. The AL/BH-1 match was again a very exciting and close match but the Top Spinners pair survived the chase of the Diplomats. The A/AL-1 was given free to the Top Spinners when the Diplomat’s pair did not show up. KWTSTEEL/Diplomat pair for the AL/BH-1 retaliated strongly, winning the match by dominating the Top Spinners duo. Top Spinners pair for the B/C-2 category did an outstanding game by limiting the Diplomat’s pair. The Diplomats had snatched the win from the Top Spinners by a come from behind win at the B/C-2 category match. However, Top Spinners players were determined to dominate the battle and took the 3 remaining matches. The ladies L/L-1 was a close fight but the Top Spinners ladies edged the Diplomat ladies. In the C/C-2 category, the Top Spinners pair outplayed the Diplomat’s pair taking the win decisively. The L/L-2 match was awarded to the Top Spinners for the non-show of the Diplomats pair. The A/AL-2 match was not played as the two teams have no available players. The final score, Top Spinners has 9 sets win while KWTSTEEL/Diplomat has 2 sets win.


At court # 4, the Steelers team had dominated their opponent, the Al Yasra Food team. Five sets win in a row showed the Steelers supremacy against the Al Yasra team. The Steelers had the C/C-1 and B/C-1 in the closely played win. But the B/B-1, A/AL-1 and AL/BH-1 matches were taken by the Steelers with wide score margins. Al Yasra team fought back by subduing the Steelers pair in the B/C-2 category match. The next two matches were again taken by the Steelers. They had the A/AL-2 and the B/B-2 category matches. Al Yasra Food team fought back by taking the next 3 matches. Al Yasra Food team ladies wisely took the L/L-1 match. The C/C-2 match was a tight match but the Al Yasra team took the win. The ladies L/L-2 category match was awarded to the Al Yasra team. Their final score, Steelers team had 7 sets win while Al Yasr Food team had only 4 sets win.


The next day match will be on February 3, 2012.


FTAK / KOCTC 20th Spring Invitational Team Tennis Tournament Opening and Elimination Round

January 20, 2012, Friday, After the holidays break, FTAK/KOCTC tennisters were back to the tennis courts for  the "Play for a Cause" opening ceremony of the 20th Spring Team Tennis Tournament.  Six participating teams are competing on this tournament; namely, Team KOC Falcons, Team Al Yasra Food, Team KWT. STEEL/Diplomat, with the top three teams of the Winter 2011 tournament qualifiers, The Suzuki Marine (3rd), Steelers Team (Finalist) and the defending champion Top Spinners team.   

The ceremony was emceed by FTAK-2011 President Dr. Rowx Bugas, Welcoming the honorable guests and the team sponsors, members of the participating teams & players.

FTAK-2012 President Tony Dezeda welcomed the guests; the Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait, H.E. Ambassador Shulan Primavera, the MUSTAFA KARAM & SONS General Manager, Mr. Mohammed Karam, represented by Suzuki Marine Manager, Mr. Saifi Hakimuddin, the United Kuwait Steel Company General Manager, Mr. Mohammed Debouhkri, represented by Mr Glenn, the AL YASRA FOODS, the McDonald Fahaheel Branch, who decorated the courts beautifully and served refreshments, the KOCTC Chairman, Mr Fahad Al Qattan, the Kuwait Tennis Federation Secretary General, Mr. Abdul Ridha Al Ghareeb, the participating teams and members, the officers, members and friends.

The President emphasizes the humble beginning of FTAK in 1992 were a handful of tennis enthusiast are gathered at the SUBHAN WAREHOUSE  where they played tennis. From there, they conceptualized the formation of Filipino Tennis Association that is called FTAK. From its inception to the present time, FTAK has grown up to one of the strongest and solid organization and helping the Filipinos in distress like in the POLO Welfare Office and  the underprivileged children back in the Philippines. 

He enumerated his programs for the year 2012 and mentioned the socio-civic contributions of FTAK. He mentioned the Educational  E-TV package of "Adopt A School Program" where FTAK had sponsored one in MANGANSAG ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in CORCUERA, ROMBLON, where thousands of children are benefiting of this noble cause, the PROMPT action of FTAK for the solicitation of donors for the recent TYPHOON SENDONG sent to ABS-CBN-FOUNDATION INC-SAGIP KAPAMILYA is evident enough that we are not just playing tennis but we are depth involved with the charity organization.

FTAK will continue to carry out such beneficial projects for our countrymen (KABABAYANS) like this educational E-TV package

Where we can help a little eradicate the high percentage of illiteracy at the country side. By doing so FTAK CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Likewise, Mr. Fahad Al Qattan, the KOC Tennis Committee Chairman,  gave also his welcome address,  the Suzuki Marine Manager, Mr. Saifi Hakimuddin, thanks the organization for inviting him to the occasion.

His Excellency Ambassador Shulan Primavera, Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait gave his inspiring speech, mentioning his long acquaintance and friendship with FTAK. He then formally opens the tournament by doing the ceremonial ball service.

Drawing of lots for the competition’s 1st match was done. At court #1, the defending champion Team TOP SPINNERS had to slug it out with the finalist Team STEELERS.  And at court #2, Team AL YASRA Food will be battling Team KOC Team and at court #4, Team KWTSTEEL/Diplomat team will be playing against the Team SUZUKI MARINE.

All the participating players were full of energy and enthusiasm as everybody were eager to sweat it out and shake off playing rusts after the long holidays break. All points, games and matches were tightly fought, rushing on who will be the first day winners. As the dust subsided at the end of the day, teams TOP SPINNERS, KOC and SUZUKI MARINE emerged as winners.

Acknowledgments to McDonalds Fahaheel Branch for the court decorations and for the offered refreshments. To tournament sponsors Suzuki Marine and the UNISTEEL Kuwait and Al Yasra Food (Sadia Brand) for the hot snacks and as one of the tournament sponsors.

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