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FTAK / KOCTC Winter 2012 Invitational Team Tennis Tournament 3rd Friday Elimination Round

November 9, 2012 (Friday): The FTAK/KOCTC Winter 2012 Team Tennis Tournament entered into its 3rd Friday elimination round featuring KOCTC Falcons against DMDA Architects and Suzuki Tigers versus SGTC Spinners. AMEC is on the bay



At court #1 & #2, KOC Falcons squared off with DMDA Architects. DMDA team had a good start with C-C(1) pair of Rene Lindo & Winston Birch edged KOC’s Joey & Winston Laboriante in challenge that was decided thru a tie-breaker. DMDA’ Doods & Carlo duplicated the win by taking into their credit the B-C(1) match against KOC’s Diwan & Joey in a 8 to 2 points game scores. KOC’s A-A(1) players Hassan & Ephraim were more precise in their offense & defense game against DMDA’s Ritchel & Jen, giving the later 3 points only in the set. Ritchel & Rene D retaliated by defeating KOC’s Ephraim & Max in their A-B(1) match with 8 to 5 points scores. KOC C-C(2) pair of Mohammed & Joel subdued DMDA’s tandem of Joseph & Romulo winning the set with 8 to 5 points. DMDA team fired back thru their B-B(1) players Doods & Franklin holding KOC’s pair of Dante & Ferdie M to 6 points.

The Falcons soared in a winning streak in their succeeding games. KOC ladies Vilma & Cristy downed DMDA pair of Kyrene & Claro in their Ladies-1 match with 8 to 3 points scoring. Another set win was contributed by KOC’s tandem of Dante & Max beating DMDA’s pair of Rene D & Pipo with 8 & 6 points score respectively. KOC’s Cristy & Linda were just tough for DMDA Ladies-2 pair of Kathy & Kyrene limiting the later with 1 point only.

The encounter were even with DMDA’s Bernie & Jen outclassed KOC’ Hassan & Marlon finishing their A-A(2) match with 8 to 2 points scores. The team match was decided and taken by KOC thru their A-B(2) pair of Marlon & Ferdie M with a more coordinated game defeating DMDA’s pair of Bernie & Franklin in a 8 to 4 points finish.

KOC Falcons win their team match taking 6 sets against 5 sets win of DMDA Architects.


At court 3 & 4, the Suzuki Tigers team faced defending champion, SGTC Spinners.

In the first game of the day, Tigers A-A players Raed and Alem roared and tamed Spinners tandem of Jonil and Sammy in a long rally game but eventually won the set with a wide margin with 8 to 3 points scores. Spinners Sonny & Danny managed to edged the heavier Suzuki pair of Adonis & Norman with scores of 8 to 5 points in their B-C category match. Suzuki Tigers C-C pair of Benny & Duncan stood up and limit Spinners pair of Jun & Charlz by 2 points only in their C-C category match.

Behind by 1 set, SGTC Spinners has to focus in their games and successfully even the match by 2 sets each compliment by Jonil & Chun defeating Suzuki’s Raed & Tony in their A-B(2) category match, with 8 to 3 points scoring.

SGTC Spinners had geared up making a rampaging swept of the remaining 7 matches. In the C-C(2) category, Spinners’ Danny & Sa’ad overcame the threat of Suzuki’s Noel C & Rodel and finish the match by 8 to 5 points scores. Regie & Assad finished strongly in their B-B(1) encounter with Suzuki’s Cris & Joel C with a 8 to 4 points finish.Spinners’ Ladies (1) pair of Mylene & Ghie limited Suzuki’s pair of Marj & Aseel to 1 point in the 8 points match. Regie & Julius, Spinners’ B-B(2) category players snatched the victory from Suzuki Romar & Adonis in a tightly fought game that was completed through a tie-breaker. Sisters tamden of Jo & Mylene of Spinners mercilessly and quickly finished their Ladies-2 game giving 1 point oly to Suzuki’s pair Aseel & Shreeya. Spinners’ Rox paired with Chun subdued Suzuki’s pair of Alem & Tony in their A-B(2) category match that ended in 8 to 4 points scoring. In the A-A(2) category, Spinners’ Rox in tandem with Sonny controlled the match by giving half their winning 8 points to Suzuki’s upgraded pair of Cris & Joel C. SAI General Trading & Contracting Co. Spinners team completed the team match by winning 9 sets against 2 sets only of the Suzuki Tigers team.

FTAK / KOCTC Winter 2012 Invitational Team Tennis Tournament 2nd Friday Elimination Round


November 2, 2012 (Friday): A short Eid Holiday break eases the tournament schedule while others made it as practice days. The weather was so nice as 4 teams came to the courts for the 2nd elimination day. Suzuki Tigers faced DMDA Architects while AMEC Engineers was up against the KOC Falcons. Spinners team was on stand-by.



At court #1 & #2, Suzuki Tigers team were up against DMDA team. At the start, DMDA scored a successive 2 sets win but the Suzuki’s unleashed their might and left behind the DMDA’s with a wide margin in sets win.

DMDA team’s CC-1 pair of Rene & Winston Birch took the first set win by outscoring Suzuki’s Benny & Noel with scores of 8 points & 2 points respectively. The BC-1 tandem of Mar & Carlo of DMDA did a superb game against Suzuki’s Cris & Norman in a score of 8 to 3 points finish. Suzuki’s ace players Raed & Rey had the revenge by pinning DMDA’s pair of Ritchel & Jen, taking the set via an 8 to 3 points score. Then in a tightly fought AB-1 match, DMDA’s pair of Bernie & Doods, snatched the set win from Suzuki’s Tony & Rey through a tie-breaker.

The Suzuki Tigers had then controlled the rest of the matches. Rodel & Norman, Suzuki’s CC-2 players gave a very conservative 2 points to DMDA’s pair of Joseph & Romulo. Tigresses Marj with a new comer Shreeya mercilessly pinned to zero DMDA’s pair of Katrina & also a newcomer Kyrene. A very close match was seen in the category BB-2 with Suzuki’s Tony & Cris barely edged DMDA’s pair of Doods & Carlo, winning the set through a tie-breaker. Another tie-breaker finish in the Ladies-2 match with Suzuki’s Aseel & Shreeya edged the fighting DMDA ladies Kyrene & Mercy.

In the AB-2 match, Alem & Adonis of Suzuki team edged DMDA’ Jen & Rene with 8 points to 6 points scores. Suzuki’s AA-2 players, Raed & Alem played efficiently against DMDA’s Bernie & Ritchel, winning the match in an 8 to 1 points finish. In summary, Suzuki Tigers team had 8 sets win against 3 sets win of the DMDA Architects.


At court #3 & #4, AMEC & KOC team played to their best in an anybody’s win encounter. There was a seesaw of set winner and the team match win was decided through the C-L game with KOC pair overcame the challenge made by the AMEC pair.

The CC-1 category was convincing taken by KOC’s pair of Atulkumar & Joel Sr, completing the set with 8 points against 4 points of AMEC’s Mike & Terrence. In the BC-1 match, AMEC’s Jimlo & Raymund were tougher than KOC’s Ferdie M & Winston, finishing the match with 8 to 2 points scores. KOC made 2 sets in row revenge. KOC’s AA-1 pair of Ephraim & Hassan showed power and consistent play than AMEC’s Roland & Andres limiting the later with 3 points only in the set. Again, KOC’s Ephraim paired with Max edged AMEC’s pair of Roland & George in a tightly contested match that was decided in the tie-breaker. Lifting AMEC’s spirit, Rene & Hezer snatched the win from KOC’s bigger pair of Atul & Mohammad via a tie-breaker in their CC-2 encounter. Dodong & Eric contributed to the 2nd straight set win to AMEC by defeating KOC’s Dewan & Ferdie C in the BB-1 category with a 8 to 6 points game scores. Cristy & Vilma of the KOC team were more consistent than AMEC’s pair of Gina & Bebot winning the LL-1 match with 8 to 5 points scores. AMEC retaliated when George & August subdued KOC pair of Max & Ferdie C in their BB-2 match with the set score of 8 to 4 points. Marlon & Hassan, KOC’s AA-2 players has the upper hand completing the match giving 6 points to AMEC’s pair of Ronnie & Andres. AMEC even the competition with 5 sets win all, when their AB-2 players Ronnie & Jimlo controlled the match and defeating KOC’s pair of Marlon & Ferdie M.

The deciding set was chosen to be a C/L match with KOC’s Mohammad & Linda against AMEC’s Hezer & Bebot. The match was close with all teammates of both team watched & cheered. But when the dust subsided, it was KOC who took the day’s team match. KOC then has 6 sets win while AMEC had 5 sets win.


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